Benefits of Using Professional Interpreters 

If your provider does not speak your language, HPSM offers no-cost interpretation services. You can get phone and video interpreters for all routine in-person and telemedicine visits. All you need to do is ask your doctor to call one.

It’s much better to have a professional interpreter translate for you rather than family members (such as children) or friends. 

Professional translators:

  • Can translate complex health info from your provider’s language into yours so you can understand it 
  • Can translate what you say so that your provider fully understands your symptoms and health concerns 
  • Are legally bound to protect your privacy 

Family & friends: 

  • May not be able to understand and clearly tell you what your doctor says 
  • May not be able to clearly describe your health issues and concerns to your doctor 
  • May feel uncomfortable hearing and talking about your private health issues