About Us

HPSM is a local community-based health plan with a vision that Healthy is for everyone – and we fight to make that possible. By partnering with providers and community organizations, we are able to advocate for our members’ health and meet the highest quality of care standards. Learn more about our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our unique approach to health care

We serve the most in need. Our programs cover one in five San Mateo County residents. Learn more about our programs and the individuals we serve.

We believe in local control, accountability and transparency. All of HPSM’s Commission and committee meetings are open to the public. Learn more about our governance.

We are committed to high quality care and services. HPSM is highly ranked on statewide and nationwide surveys. Learn more about the quality of our care and services.

We respond to local needs and reinvest in the community. HPSM collaborates with community partners on innovative pilots and programs. Learn more about our special initiatives.

We were created in 1987 and today serve more than 155,000 people in San Mateo County. Learn more about our history.