Initial Health Assessment

Make an appointment for your first health visit!

Are you a new HPSM member? Or have you not seen your primary care provider (PCP) for your first health visit?

If so, then call your PCP to make an appointment today!

What happens at my first health visit?

At your first health visit, your PCP will do a check-up, may ask you questions about your health,  and will give you information to help you stay healthy. You can also ask your PCP any questions you have about your health at this visit. The first health visit helps your PCP get you the care, medications, and vaccines you need to be healthy.

When should I go to my first health visit?

If you are a new member, make your first health visit within the first 120 days of joining HPSM. This will help you make the most  of your HPSM membership.

How often should I see my PCP after my first health visit?

After your first visit, be sure to see your PCP at least once a year. Even if you feel healthy, it is important to get regular check-ups to  make sure.

How much does the first health visit cost?

All health visits with your PCP are at no cost. This includes your first health visit.

Choose a Provider

If you don’t have a PCP, it is easy to choose one online or by calling Member Services

It is safe to visit your PCP

It is safe to visit your PCP’s office during them COVID-19 pandemic

call an interpreter

If your PCP does not speak your language, they can call an interpreter