Community Supports (CS)

With CalAIM’s Community Supports (CS) services, HPSM covers non-medical types of help that are designed to help address life challenges that can affect a person’s health. These help reduce hospital admissions or admissions to other institutions. Right now, CS services provide:

  • Help finding housing
  • Home safety improvements to help prevent accidents
  • Coordination of care and services needed at home
  • Financial help for move-in (housing deposits)
  • Help transferring from a care facility to independent living
  • Meals to fit health needs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about CS

Who is eligible for CS?

Adult members are eligible for CS if they meet the following:

  • Are an HPSM Medi-Cal or CareAdvantage member
  • Have a Care Manager who will work with them to reach their health goals
  • Are willing to receive CS services

How are members told that they are in CS?

Members who are placed in CS get a letter from HPSM.

Do members pay for CS?

No. Eligible members get CS at no cost.

How can members get CS?

There are three ways that members can get CS:

  1. Members who were getting similar services through the Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP), Community Care Settings Pilot (CCSP) or Whole Person Care: Bridges to Wellness before 1/1/2022 were automatically enrolled in CS.
  2. HPSM offers to enroll members who qualify for CS based on their health records.
  3. Members who want CS can call HPSM Member Services at 650-616-2133. If they are not eligible for CS, HPSM will help them find other supports they can get.

Does getting CS services change the benefits members already have?

No. When members enroll in CS, all their benefits stay the same. CS provides members with non-medical types of help that are designed to help address life challenges that can affect their health.

Can members opt out of CS?

Yes. Members can opt out of CS at any time by telling their CS Provider or HPSM Care Coordinator that they no longer want to be in CS. Their HPSM Care Coordinator can refer them to other supports if they wish.

Who provides CS services?

HPSM contracts with three agencies that provide CS to our members:

  • The Institute on Aging: Provides nursing facility to community transitions and home safety improvements to help prevent accidents
  • Mom’s Meals: Provides meals to fit health needs
  • Brilliant Corners: Provides housing support services and home safety improvements to help prevent accidents

For details, see HPSM’s list of contracted CS providers.

Can members choose their CS provider?

Yes. Members can choose from HPSM’s list of contracted CS providers. If a member wants to see a specific CS provider, they should tell their HPSM Care Coordinator. If a member does not choose an CS provider, HPSM will choose one for them.

Can a member change their CS provider?

Yes. They just need to tell their CS Provider they want to change CS providers. They can also call HPSM Member Services at 650-616-2133 to change.

For more information about Medi-Cal benefits, refer to the Medi-Cal Member Handbook. To order a printed Member Handbook, email or call Member Services.