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Baby + Me Program

Earn rewards for going to provider’s visits

Baby + Me is HPSM’s care program for pregnant people, birthing parents and their babies! Baby + Me promotes timely maternal and child care, as well as comprehensive health for birthing parents and infants, from the beginning of pregnancy to birth and beyond.  Learn more about how Baby + Me can help you get on the road to a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.

Baby + Me features tailored referrals to community resources for pregnant people, new parents and their families provided by our Health Education staff.

Plus, participants can earn up to $100 in Target GiftCards for going to two provider's appointments!

Get up to two $50 Target GiftCards

Visit #1

During your first 12 weeks
of being pregnant.

Target Gift Card

Visit #2

Between 3 to 8 weeks
after giving birth.

Target Gift Cards

To participate in the Baby + Me program, please either fill out the form below or call HPSM’s Health Education Unit at 650-616-2165

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Baby + Me Program Enrollment Form

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Once we get your Baby + Me Program enrollment form, we will call you at the phone number you entered. If you are eligible for the program we will mail you a form for your provider to fill out at your next appointment. Fax completed forms to 650-829-2073 or mail the form back to HPSM in the postage paid envelope. If you have any questions, please call 650-616-2165.