Prior Authorizations

Before providing treatment or prescribing medication for an HPSM member, you may need to submit a Prior Authorization Request Form to ensure that it is covered. HPSM expects providers to obtain authorization for all services requiring prior authorization before they provide the service. Exceptions are made for urgent and emergency services.

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Prior Authorization List

Prior Authorization Request Form

HPSM has revised the Prior Authorization Request Form and will no longer accept submissions of the old form starting January 1, 2021. Please alert your staff of this revised form and timeline. If you have any questions about this update please contact the HPSM Provider Services Department.

Prior authorization is based on medical necessity and is not a guarantee of coverage or eligibility. If a service is not included on this list, the service does not require prior authorization. However, this does not mean it is a covered benefit.

Only valid codes will be reviewed. Please refer to CMS/MC guidelines to verify validity. Codes are updated regularly and posted below.

It is expected that all services requiring prior authorization must be authorized before providing the service, with the exception of services that are necessary on an emergent or truly urgent basis. For authorization requests submitted prior to the date of service, expect a response from HPSM within:

  • 72 hours for urgent or expedited authorization requests
  • Five business days for routine authorization requests

Before submitting a request, search HPSM's Prior Authorization List by CPT code or service name to see if you need to get prior authorization:

Download the Prior Authorization Required List: PDF | Excel file

List Updated 4/14/2021

Prior Authorization List Changes

HPSM periodically updates our list of codes requiring prior authorization to reflect current clinical guidelines. You can review these changes or archived lists on the PAR List Changes page.

Read our provider notification on the new code changes here: Prior Authorization and Covered Services Changes Effective 4/14/2021

Unique Authorization Requirements

Unique authorization rules apply for certain types of healthcare services or products. Please see our page on Specialty Provider Authorizations for detail on:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our PAR list is typically updated quarterly, with the caveat that regulatory changes may require us to update it more frequently. This is a new process that we implemented in the spring of 2018 in response to provider feedback about the frequency of changes. Please check our website regularly, and make sure your email and fax information is up to date to ensure you’re receiving these notices.

HPSM has developed a new Provider Portal that is currently being tested by a small group of providers before it is deployed to the full network. This portal will be rolled out to HPSM-contracted providers in waves starting in the summer of 2019. The new portal allows providers to check the status of authorization requests online for the first time. You can access the current version of the Provider Portal here.

An HPSM-contracted PCP may ask you to provide service for a patient. If you agree, you must get prior authorization before providing any non-emergency services for HPSM members. The PCP will typically request your services by submitting a Referral Authorization Form (RAF) to HPSM. If HPSM approves the PCP’s request, an authorized RAF will be faxed to your office. Once you receive this, contact the member to schedule an appointment. If you’re interested in contracting with HPSM, please reach out to

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