Dental Provider Payments

Here’s what dental providers need to know about payments at HPSM:

  • Contracted Providers Get Better Rates
  • Sign up for Electronic Payments
  • Additional Payments Through Prop 56

Contact with any questions.

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If you have any questions about becoming an HPSM Dental network provider, please email

Sign up for Electronic Payments

Sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Remittance Advice

EFT and ERA are fast, secure and more accurate than paper checks.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) sends claims payments directly to your bank account
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) makes it easier to access and reconcile payment information

Log into HPSM's Provider Portal to sign up for EFT/ERA

Additional Payments Through Prop 56

As a contracted HPSM Dental provider you are eligible to receive additional supplemental payments funded from the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tax Act, commonly known as Prop 56.

All contracted HPSM Dental providers will receive Prop 56 supplemental payments quarterly via a paper check and paper remittance advice (RA) in the mail.