An Innovative Pilot Program

HPSM Dental is California State’s first-ever dental plan for Medi-Cal members that is fully integrated with medical and behavioral health care benefits. HPSM has a history of being a laboratory for innovative pilot programs, and HPSM Dental is our latest such project. 

We designed HPSM Dental as a proof of concept that integrating medical, dental and behavioral health care under one plan will improve both access to services and clinical outcomes. If it succeeds, we are hopeful this could be a blueprint additional integration efforts state and nationwide.

HPSM Dental's key goals

  • Build a large dental network Giving members more providers to choose from will make it easier for them to get timely appointments in their area 
  • Credential dental specialists When members need more advanced dental care, we want them to get specialized services from credentialed in-network providers
  • Support dental providers As the pilot progresses, we will continue to streamline authorization and claims processes to lighten providers’ administrative load
  • Coordinate care Managing medical, mental health and dental benefits together will enable HPSM to more effectively coordinate care across providers 
  • Prioritize those most in need While promoting dental care to all of our Medi-Cal members, we will focus on increasing utilization rates for children and adults who need restorative care
    • Dental providers Learn about the benefits of joining our network and apply today 
    • All providers Learn about the benefits of integrating dental with medical and mental health care