Care Coordination Program

All HPSM members are eligible for our Care Coordination program. The program works with members, their providers and (as appropriate) their family members to get everyone working from the same treatment plan for optimal outcomes. The contacts and connections are made by Care Coordination Case Managers who:

  • Proactively support service requests and coordinate complex care to help facilitate the best clinical and functional outcomes for our members
  • Work with members, their families, PCPs, specialists and community services
  • Help members and providers make optimal use of both health care benefits and relevant community resources

HPSM identifies many care coordination cases through health assessments and data source analysis. However, we encourage anyone who provides care to HPSM members – PCPs, hospital discharge planners, community partners or other providers – to refer members to our Care Coordination Program.

To refer a patient to Care Coordination:

Print and complete the appropriate form below. Instructions are included on each form.

For more information

Call 650-616-2060 or email