Your First Health Visit

Whether you are a new HPSM member or just haven’t had your first health visit yet, it is important to schedule one. This is when you meet your primary care provider (PCP) and get a health checkup. Then your PCP can get you the care, medications and vaccines you need to be healthy. 

  • Make your first health visit with your PCP within the first 120 days of becoming an HPSM member. If you don’t have a PCP or want to change PCPs, you can choose a PCP here
  • You don’t pay anything for your first health visit or any visits with your PCP. They are covered by HPSM. 
  • At your first health visit, your PCP will ask you about your health. They may also give you information to help you stay healthy. You can ask your PCP any questions about your health. If you do not speak English well, you can get an interpreter

Tips for making the most of your health visits

Before your visit

  • Write down a list of questions or health concerns to ask your PCP about
  • If you do not speak English well, tell your PCP’s medical office that you want an interpreter
  • Tell the medical office your accessibility needs (e.g., if you are in a wheelchair) so you know what to expect during your visit
  • Ask if phone or video appointments are an option

During your visit

  • If you don’t understand something your PCP says, ask them to explain
  • Ask your PCP which preventative screenings are right for you
  • Ask your PCP about any health questions or concerns you have
  • Write down anything your PCP wants you to do after the visit and ask for an after-visit summary

After your visit