Wider Circle 

Wider Circle is a pilot program sponsored by HPSM that helps older adults make new friends and develop healthy habits by attending fun social events in their community. HPSM started offering the service in spring 2017 through a partnership with a community-based organization called Wider Circle. Currently, 500 HPSM Medi-Cal members are eligible to join the program, and Wider Circle is engaged in active outreach efforts. 

How Wider Circle works

The program is based on regular in-person meetings and activities that make it easy for people to connect with each other. There are three types of meetings, all of which are coordinated by skilled facilitators who have experience working with seniors. 

  1. Most members start by attending a “kick-off” event, where they learn everything they need to know about Wider Circle. 
  2. Those who join Wider Circle then attend four to six weekly 90-minute “onboarding” sessions. These structured 12-member meetings include healthy lifestyle discussions, moderate physical movement (such as walking) and ample time for socializing. Groups also go on outings to restaurants, museums and other local attractions.
  3. After attending at least four onboarding sessions, members are encouraged to participate in Wider Circle’s “chapter” program, which arranges monthly community events for much larger groups, enabling members to meet more people and make more friends.

Joining Wider Circle

To inquire about joining Wider Circle or referring someone, please contact HPSM Member Services

Praise for Wider Circle

"At Wider Circle we’re passionate about helping older adults build community and social connections to live fuller, healthier lives. We’re proud to partner with HPSM to support the health and vitality of the San Mateo community."

Darin Buxbaum

Cofounder, Wider Circle

"Wider Circle gives Rotary Plaza residents a way to get to know their neighbors at home and also discover other life-enriching resources, such as local senior centers, where they can make even more new friends."

Beverly Karnatz

Resident Services Provider, Rotary Plaza