Health Equity

Since HPSM was created in 1987, we have been committed to ensuring that healthy is for everyone. As part of our commitment, we acknowledge and work to address the long legacy of bias and discrimination in healthcare, as well as the social and structural contributors to health disparities. HPSM’s health equity strategy is anchored in four mutually reinforcing approaches:

  • Reducing Health Disparities includes strategic and programmatic efforts to address health disparities, improving the types of data we collect to better understand where disparities exist, and efforts to more deeply integrate health equity into every area of HPSM’s work.
  • Culturally Inclusive Care encompasses cultural humility trainings, tools, and resources for HPSM employees and providers.
  • Linguistically Appropriate Services focuses on improving HPSM’s interpreter and translation services through continuous review of member input and initiatives to align internal policies and practices.
  • Engaging Members and Community Partners outlines HPSM’s focus on more closely collaborating with members and community partners on organizational strategy, initiative development, and priority setting.

Learn more about HPSM’s Health Equity strategy

California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal CalAIM

As a major state initiative focused on improving quality outcomes, reducing health disparities, and transforming the delivery system, HPSM's participation in CalAIM demonstrates our commitment to health equity.

Learn more about CalAIM and hear HPSM’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Chris Esguerra, explore the status of two program components, Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports, that are key building blocks of CalAIM’s effort to promote health equity.