Long Term Services & Supports

What is Long Term Services & Supports (LTSS)?

LTSS helps HPSM members live independently at home for as long as they can do so safely. Whether you are struggling with limited mobility due to age or a medical issue, LTSS can help you maintain or optimize your ability to live at home instead of in a long-term care facility. 

What does LTSS do for people?

HPSM assigns a Care Coordinator who is a nurse to each LTSS participant. The Care Coordinator engages with the member to assess their current living situation and health status, including what they can and cannot do themselves (e.g., cooking, cleaning, bathing, shopping, etc.). Then, with the member’s permission, the Care Coordinator communicates with the member’s family, caregivers and medical providers to find out what each of them needs to support the member’s independent living goals. They also refer the member to other resources that can help, such as:

Can LTSS help me?

If you need more assistance at home or are currently living in a nursing home and want to explore alternative living options, you may benefit from LTSS.

How do I get LTSS?

Call us if you have questions or need help!