A healthy pregnancy starts with you. Talk to your doctor about things you can do to keep you and your baby healthy. This includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

Baby + Me Program can help you reach your goals! 

Our program connects HPSM members to community resources dedicated to women and their babies. You may also be eligible for two $50 Target gift cards:

Looking for a breast pump? 

Reach your breastfeeding goals with a breast pump. Breast pumps are a covered benefit for HPSM members. Please call 650-616-2165 for more information. 

• Pumping Essentials: 866-688-4203 or visit the Pumping Essentials website
• Shield Healthcare: 1-800-675-8840
• Mother’s Milk Bank: 408-638-2846 


Eat Right to keep You and your Baby healthy

A balanced diet can help keep you and your growing baby healthy. Aim to eat foods from all of the food groups every day. Your body will also need certain extra vitamins and nutrients during your pregnancy. Talk with your doctor about changes you should make to your diet during pregnancy. 

The WIC (women, infants, and children) program helps pregnant and nursing mothers get healthy food. You can get information about WIC from your doctor’s office or by calling WIC at 650-573-2168


Regular exercise can benefit most women during pregnancy. Talk with your doctor about how much exercise is right for you. 

Things to Avoid

  • Stop Smoking Smoking and secondhand smoke can cause you to lose your baby. You can also have a very small, sick baby. There are resources that can help you quit. 

Call the California Smokers Helpline to speak to a smoking cessation counselor today:

  • 1-800-NO-BUTTS (800-662-8887) 
  • En español: 1-800-NO-FUME (800-456-6386)
  • Don’t drink alcohol Alcohol includes hard liquor, beer or wine. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy causes birth defects, mental retardation and other problems.
  • Don’t take street drugs Street drugs like cocaine and marijuana harm your baby’s brain. They can also cause your baby to be born too early and sick. 
  • Don’t take any medication without talking to your doctor first Your doctor will prescribe you the right medication (if necessary) that is also safe for your baby.

HPSM Nurse Advice Line

Call 1-833-846-8773 24 hours a day–7 days a week.

A Licensed Registered Nurse (RN) will give you medical advice when you think you need urgent medical attention, but you are not sure. A nurse will ask about your symptoms and tell you:

  • If you need to go to Urgent Care
  • If you can wait to see your doctor (within 24 hours, 3 days, or longer)
  • How to take care of your symptoms at home

Learn more about the Nurse Advice Line.