Pregnancy & COVID-19

If you are pregnant, you may have questions about COVID-19 and how the virus could affect you, your baby and your birth plan. Rest assured that HPSM is staying on top of this evolving situation.  

Although there is very little information on what happens to pregnant women who are positive for COVID-19, we do know that when you are pregnant, your immune response may be lowered. We therefore highly recommend that you take steps to keep yourself safe.  

How to protect yourself & your baby against COVID-19  

  • As part of practicing physical distancing, ask your health care provider if they can do visits over the phone or online. If they want to see you in person, ask if they can schedule your visit during off-peak hours. 
  • Ask the hospital where you expect to have your baby if there are any new screening questions or new processes for women when they arrive in labor so you can adjust your birth plan as needed. For example, some hospitals are restricting the number of people allowed in the birthing room.  
  • If you are in labor or think you may be, call your hospital ahead of time so they can prepare for you. 
  • Pregnancy is a stressful time – and the COVID-19 situation only adds to that stress. That makes physical and mental self-care especially important. Here are some tips for nurturing yourself: 
    • Keep in touch with loved ones through calls and texts  
    • Take breaks from the daily news cycle and social media 
    • Eat healthy food and stay hydrated 
    • Maintain a daily routine (such as showering regularly) 

Breastfeeding, formula & COVID-19

Formula may be difficult to find in stores at this time.  Learn more about formula and tips on finding WIC authorized fomula, from Women Infants & Children (WIC).

At this time, it is not known whether COVID-19 can be passed through breast milk to an infant. Please refer to the sources below for the latest information. Once your baby arrives, be sure to connect with their health care provider to get the necessary well visits and immunizations for their age.