COVID-19 Information for Members

Great Plates Delivered

Great Plates Delivered is a brand-new program from San Mateo County Health that delivers three meals per day from local restaurants to older adults at high risk from COVID-19. This lets eligible HPSM members shelter in place and stay healthy.  

Program eligibility


  • 65 years of age or older
  • 60-64 and COVID-19 positive
  • 60-64 and exposed to COVID-19 with written proof from a medical professional
  • 60-64 with an underlying health condition

Answer "yes" to all of the following questions

  • Resident of San Mateo County
  • Live alone or with one other eligible adult
  • Do not receive meals from any other federal or state program
  • Do not have family, friends or caregivers who can help with meals
  • Unable to prepare or shop for meals
  • Have income less than $74,940 for a single person

If you meet the eligibility criteria and want to get meals delivered to you at home, call 1-800-675-8437