COVID-19 Information for Members

Community Resources

The COVID-19 crisis has left many people struggling to meet their basic financial and food needs. The community resources listed below can help.

Before visiting any community resource in person, please call them first or consult their website for instructions on how to access their services. Many public agencies, including HPSM, are limiting direct contact as a preventive measure against COVID-19 transmission.

Financial assistance

Food resources

San Mateo County has many great resources to help people get nutritious food for free or at reduced cost. Easily find resources that meet your needs using HPSM’s Guide to Food Assistance Programs

    Health clinics

    Legal assistance

    Any HPSM member or participant can get no-cost legal advice on COVID-19 issues from the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo. Their professional lawyers can answer questions about: 

    • The status of COVID-19 rental assistance
    • The status of employee benefits and protections related to COVID-19 
    • Protections for people applying for permanent residency to get COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatment 
    • How to get COVID-19 testing, vaccines and treatment as an undocumented person

    Get no-cost legal advice by calling 650-558-0915. For more information about COVID-19 legal questions, visit