COVID-19 Information for Members

Stay Enrolled in CareAdvantage

To keep CareAdvantage, keep your Medi-Cal coverage up-to-date

CareAdvantage combines Medicare and Medi-Cal into one health care plan. CareAdvantage members must keep their Medi-Cal coverage up-to-date in order to keep their CareAdvantage benefits. 

Due to COVID-19, there may delays in processing Medi-Cal renewals. This may cause a lapse in Medi-Cal coverage for some people. To help our CareAdvantage members who are informed they have lost their Medi-Cal, the time has been temporarily extended to six (6) months to get it back.

Example: if your Medi-Cal ended on April 1, 2020, and is not active through October 1, 2020 you will automatically be disenrolled from CareAdvantage.