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No-cost Health Care Transportation for HPSM Members

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No-cost Health Care Transportation for HPSM Members


No-cost Health Care Transportation for HPSM Members

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No-cost Health Care Transportation for HPSM Members

Medi-Cal and CareAdvantage members who have no means of transportation to approved health care visits can use HPSM’s Ride Benefit at no cost

Approved health care visits include medical, dental, mental health and substance use disorder appointments covered under Medi-Cal, as well as pharmacy visits. The benefit does not cover trips to non-healthcare locations (such as schools, gyms, government offices and grocery stores). HPSM members can schedule rides by calling our vendor, American Logistics Company (ALC). Providers can also request rides for members.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is also covered

NEMT is specifically for members who require a litter, gurney or wheelchair van for transportation. Like the Ride Benefit, it is for medically necessary services covered by Medi-Cal (including picking up prescriptions authorized by Medi-Cal Rx at the pharmacy). Unlike the Ride Benefit however, members cannot request NEMT: it must be prescribed in writing by a physician, dentist, podiatrist, mental health provider, substance use disorder provider or physician extender.

Learn more about HPSM’s Ride Benefit and NEMT services. If you need more information, email any questions to ***EMAIL LINK DOESN'T WORK***