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February is Black History Month!

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February is Black History Month!


February is Black History Month!

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February is Black History Month!

HPSM strives for equitable access to high quality health care services for every person we cover. Our vision of heathy is or everyone reflects that ongoing commitment. We also recognize the reality that systemic injustices persist, and health care experiences are not equal for all, leading to inequities across both access to care and health outcomes. Health equity means that every person has the opportunity to be as healthy as possible. A health equity approach requires us to analyze and address the disparities that result from systems of oppression like racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism, ableism and others. It also requires us to partner with groups across San Mateo County to bring awareness to and eliminate these systems that prevent residents from being their healthiest selves. 

February is Black History Month! This year’s theme is “African Americans and the Arts.” As February comes to a close, we honor and celebrate the history of Black activists and artists who have contributed to the advancement of Black Black History Month badgehistory, health and rights. HPSM continues our work to better serve HPSM members who identify as Black through improving our members’ health care experiences, increasing utilization of preventive health services, building trust and partnership with the community, and reducing disparities among member populations.  

Our Black-identifying members currently have disparities in diabetes care and well-child visits. When chatting with members, encourage them to go in for their preventative care visits and to talk about their concerns with their primary care providers (PCPs).  

Here are some resources to check out:  

We will continue to strive for increasing accessibility and equity for the Black identifying community.