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Know Your Benefits and How to Use Them

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Know Your Benefits and How to Use Them

Our Quick-Start Guides Make Using Your Benefits Easy!

Know Your Benefits and How to Use Them

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Know Your Benefits and How to Use Them

Your Member Handbook describes your benefits and how to use them. Other information available in the Member Handbook includes:

Benefits, services and covered medicines

  • Services/medicines your health plan covers and doesn’t cover.
  • Copays (if needed).
  • Submitting claims for covered benefits (if needed).
  • Your rights and responsibilities as an HPSM member.


  • Selecting a primary care provider (PCP).
  • Details about both in- and out-of-network care.
  • Finding information about network providers (PCPs, specialty and mental health providers, and hospitals).

Access to care, such as getting:

  • Care where and when you need it (in an emergency, after normal business hours or when outside San Mateo County).
  • Health care services and prescription medicines.
  • Information and services in your preferred language.

Appeals and complaints

  • Submitting an appeal for a denied service.
  • Details about HPSM’s appeals review process.
  • Submitting complaints.
  • How decisions are made to cover new technology as a benefit.

The Member Handbook is updated regularly. See the latest version.