Community-based Culture

HPSM cares about employees’ health, wellness and workplace balance. Our philosophy is that if employees are happy, they can focus their full attention on helping our members. To support this, we offer generous benefits, alternative work schedules/options for some positions and much more.

Collaborative Teamwork

We encourage employee engagement by fostering an atmosphere of mutual support and respect where everyone has a voice in how we work together. That’s why we provide lots of opportunities for people to mix and mingle—for work and play. These include:

  • Quarterly All-Staff Meetings which keep employees updated on the latest organizational developments
  • Lunch and Learn events – opportunities to view work-related webinars with others who are interested in the topic
  • Employee-run groups designed to enhance workplace culture – including the Employee Task Force, the “PEEPS” party-planning committee and the Green Team
  • Fun departmental and interdepartmental social events and celebrations

Workforce Diversity

HPSM employees come from many different places and backgrounds, reflecting the Bay Area’s rich multicultural heritage. As an equal-opportunity employer, we emphasize inclusion, understanding and mutual respect among our core values. People with different life experiences bring different perspectives, and we consider that a great asset.