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What You Need to Know About Patient Experience and CAHPS

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What You Need to Know About Patient Experience and CAHPS


What You Need to Know About Patient Experience and CAHPS

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What You Need to Know About Patient Experience and CAHPS

Positive patient experience is critical to providers’ effectiveness. Patients who report positive experiences with providers are more likely to follow medical advice, which helps them get and stay healthy. Improving health outcomes often decreases the frequency of future visits, allowing providers to spend more time with patients who need the most care. 

To help providers ensure positive patient experiences, we recently launched a new Patient Experience webpage that covers the three pillars of HPSM’s Member Experience Framework, which keep members:

  1. INFORMED Sharing information builds trust and a willingness to engage. This makes it easier for members to ask questions, express concerns and make informed decisions about their health care.
  2. INTEGRATED Integrating members’ feedback about their thoughts and experiences into the medical decision-making process helps ensure that services align with their perspectives and capabilities.
  3. SUPPORTED HPSM offers several programs and pathways to improve members’ health care experience. This increases their overall physical health while promoting well-being in their family and community. 

An overview of CAHPS and result insights

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Survey measures patient experience. The survey is led by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), which is a public-private initiative to evaluate ambulatory and facility-level care through the development and perpetuation of standardized surveys of patients’ experiences.

In 2023, HPSM saw increases in positive patient experiences on several important metrics—including higher ratings of HPSM, overall health care, network specialists, the ability to get care when needed and the ability to get care quickly. Rates for provider communication also remain high. HPSM is grateful for the work done by our providers to optimize patient experience. 

For more details about our three pillars and a full overview of how we matched up compared to previous survey years, please visit our new Patient Experience webpage.