HPSM's New Incentive Program for PCPs: Care Gap P4P

Care Gap Closure Pay-for-Performance (Care Gap P4P) is a new HPSM program that lets eligible primary care providers (PCPs) earn incentive payments of up to $10 per member per year for identifying and closing care gaps. Using an intuitive easy-to-use web-based population health management tool, your practice can earn rewards for work you’re likely already doing to keep patients healthy — such as scheduling visits, attesting to service completions and renewing medications. We offer this program to eligible PCPs at no cost through a partnership with Stellar Health. 

Additional perks include

  • Improved health outcomes for your patients.
  • Suggested actions to support patients.
  • An option to share rewards earned with staff.
  • Monthly (rather than annual) payments.
  • More visibility into bonus payment availability than HPSM’s Benchmark P4P program.