ACE Fee Waiver Participants Ages 19-25 Move to Medi-Cal on January 1st  

On January 1st, 2020, current ACE Fee Waiver program participants ages 19 to 25 will be transitioned into full scope Medi-Cal. All these members will get Medi-Cal regardless of their immigration status. This change is being made because Governor Newsom signed a measure in July. It makes California the first state to give undocumented young adults state-sponsored health care. 

These members will be covered through Fee-For-Service (FFS) Medi-Cal with the State for the month of January. Then, on February 1st, they will be assigned to HPSM.  


All ACE Fee Waiver program members ages 19 to 25, regardless of their immigration status, will be automatically transitioned into full scope Medi-Cal. 

If you move or change your phone number, be sure to call HPSM’s San Mateo County Health Coverage Unit at 650-616-2002. This will make sure you remain eligible and you continue to get important information.

Added benefits

Medi-Cal gives these members access to an expanded network of providers. That includes the option of choosing a PCP outside of the San Mateo County Health System (to which they were limited under ACE). They will also have all the benefits and rights of other Medi-Cal members. Get more details about Medi-Cal benefits.


Learn about Medi-Cal co-pays and other costs.


Routine dental services are provided by Medi-Cal Dental (also called Denti-Cal). You are now covered for additional services, including both preventative and emergency dental services. You may see any dentist that accepts Medi-Cal Dental. Click here to find a new dentist.

Questions? Contact Member Services

Toll free: 1-800-750-4776
Local: 650-616-2133
TTY: 1-800-735-2929 or dial 7-1-1

Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


New ID cards

Participants will get two ID cards

that they should bring to all doctor and dentist appointments.


  A Medi-Cal Beneficiary Identification Card (BIC) card
  (will arrive in December)

Medi-Cal ID Card

  A new HPSM Medi-Cal health plan card
  (will arrive in February)