How to Get a Video Interpreter 

Get a video interpreter for an in-person visit 

  1. Obtain a secure access code for the Certified Languages International (CLI) platform by sending a request to
  2. Enter your access code at and click “Submit”
  3. Grant the platform permission to access your microphone and camera
  4. Enter your name or clinic name, the member's name and the member's date of birth, then click the “Submit” button This information is not consistent with what’s in the training video, which shows only the “Requestor Name” (as a required field) and the “Patient ID” (as an optional field)
  5. On the expert selection screen, click the video camera icon on the language you need
    • If you have trouble understanding your patient, show them the screen and ask them to point out their language 
    • If a video interpreter is not immediately available, you can either choose an audio interpreter or schedule a video intpreter for a later time
    • If you do not see the language you need, scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose “Other Languages” – an operator will then connect you to a telephonic interpreter who speaks the language you need
  6. Click submit and wait to be connected to the interpreter 
  7. When the appointment is done, click the red “End Call” button in the upper-right corner of the screen 

Get a video interpreter for a telemedicine visit 

  1. During a telemedicine visit, or after your patient schedules a telemedicine visit, follow steps 1 through 3 of the instructions above
  2. Click the “Add Expert” button and enter the patient’s email or cell number 
  3. Click “Invite” and then “Send Link”
  4. When your patient clicks on link you sent, and your patient allows access to video and microphone on their device, they will be connected to the session
  5. Continue with step 4 of the instructions above for an in-person office visit

Get a video sign language interpreter for an in-person visit

  1. Follow the steps above for getting a video interpreter for an in-person office visit.
  2. In Step 5, language selection, click the video icon for American Sign Language

Schedule a video interpreter ahead of your appointment

  1. Follow the login instructions above
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the expert selection screen, then click the “Make an appointment” button
  3. Fill out the information fields, then click the “Submit data” button
  4. You will receive an email with a reference number and link for you to click at your scheduled appointment time; or you can scroll to the bottom of the expert selection screen, click the “Go to an appointment button” and enter your reference number

Best practices for video telemedicine sessions 

  1. If you have scheduled a video interpreter for a later appointment, make sure the patient knows to log in at that time and email or text them the website link
  2. Speak directly to your patient rather than the video interpreter – this helps them interpret everything they hear
  3. Use a stand to position your device rather than asking the patient to hold it
  4. Focus the camera on the patient rather than yourself and ask the interpreter to confirm that they can clearly see the patient
  5. Learn how to use the CLI platform features
    • In the upper-right corner of the screen, under the red “End Call” button, is a menu where you can:
      • Disable the speakers, microphone or camera for privacy
      • Call a colleague or patient’s relative by clicking “Add Expert” and using the dial pad
      • In the bottom-right corner, click “Chat” to send information to the member and/or interpreter